Sauk Valley (Dixon,IL) Work & Casual Boot Shop
A Red Wing Shoes Authorized Repair Shop
Now open Sundays 11am - 4pm!
Modern Shoe Shop
1309 N Galena Ave Dixon, IL 61021
Modern Shoe Shop (815) 284-3007


Tuff Toe Work Boots
Boots Repair Services - We repair nearly all boots and shoe brands!
Shoe and Boot Repair - Authorized Red Wing Repair Shop
Steel Toe and Metatarsal Work Boots at Modern Shoe Shop
Red Wing Boots at Modern Shoe Shop Dixon,IL
Red Wing Irish Setter Boots Dixon, IL(Modern Shoe Shop)
SAS Shoes @Modern Shoe Shop Dixon, Illinois
SAS Factory Tour - Modern Shoe Shop and Repair Dixon,IL
A Job Well Done Full (HD)
Aetrex iStep Measuring System Modern Shoe Shop
Red Wing Boots BOA Closure System
Red Wing Metatarsal Boots@Modern Shoe Shop Dixon, IL
Irish Setter Hunting Boots at Modern Shoe Shop
Irish Setter Work Boots at Modern Shoe Shop
Red Wing King Toe Boots at Modern Shoe Shop
Overview of the Black Bear Boot from Irish Setter
Overview of the Havoc Hunting Boot from Irish Setter
WingShooter Hunting Boot from Irish Setter@Modern Shoe Shop
Product Testing Red Wing Boots
Red Wing Shoe Repair at Modern Shoe Shop Dixon, IL.
Red Wing Boots Leather Technology
Red Wing Waterproofing Technology
S.B. Foot Tanning Company
Red Wing Shoes Factory
The Puritan Stitch Machine